Milken Institue Center For The Future Of Aging Newsletter

2018 Highlights


Supported by our Business Council and Academic and Policy Advisory Board, 2018 was a productive year for the Center for the Future of Aging and our three signature programs: The Business of Aging, Healthy Longevity, and Age-Forward Communities.

  • We evaluate policies and practices, innovative models, and potential solutions to enhance health, well-being, and opportunity across the lifespan.
  • We elevate awareness by convening and partnering with influential decision-makers and media leaders to change perception and motivate action.
  • We advocate for change in the public and private sectors to ensure a better future for today’s older adults and for generations to come.


The launch of the Center for the Future of Aging Business Council welcomed a new, senior-level forum for ideas, collaboration, and action. The Business Council’s 2018 meetings in Los Angeles, Singapore, Washington, D.C., and London included action-focused conversation about the opportunities for business in a shifting 21st Century demographic landscape.

Silver to Gold: The Business of Aging

Our widely-read report, “Silver to Gold: The Business of Aging,” made the case for the economic potential of older adults, addressing human capital strategies and the growing market for age-smart products, services, and innovations.

"The Business of Aging" Essay Series

Published in collaboration with PBS Next Avenue and Forbes, the essays emphasized aging and longevity as developments too compelling for businesses to ignore. Authors included expert members of our Business Council and Academic and Policy Advisory Board.

The Business of Aging Panels

Global Conference - The Business of Aging: Capitalizing on the Demographic Shift

Moderated by Patricia Milligan of Multinational Client Group and When Women Thrive at Mercer, and featuring Kirsten Axelson of Pfizer, Laura Carstensen of the Stanford Center on Longevity, Baroness Camilla Cavendish, and Scott Frisch of AARP.

Future of Health Summit - Race, Gender, and Work: The Economics of Healthy Aging

The panel featured Will Dow of UC Berkeley, Sarita Gupta of Caring Across Generations, Cara James of CMS Office of Minority Health, Lisa Margeson of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Debra Whitman of AARP, with Patricia Milligan of the Multinational Client Group and When Women Thrive at Mercer moderating.

London Summit - Opportunities from an Aging Population: Longevity Strategies for 21st Century Business

Featuring the Center’s Paul Irving, Stuart Kirk of the DWS Global Research Institute, Business in the Community’s Amanda Mackenzie, Andrew Scott of the London Business School, and moderator, British journalist James Ashton.

Hollywood Takes: On Aging

Recognizing the impact of ageism on the treatment of older adults as employees and consumers, Arielle Burstein discussed the representation of older adults in popular media in a roundtable for the California Commission on Aging’s initiative, "Hollywood Takes: On Aging."


The Center’s Chairman Paul Irving gave multiple talks on the longevity economy at conferences in 2018, including the HLTH Future of Healthcare Summit, The Equilibrium Capital Annual Forum, USC’s Senior Living Executive Course, Body Computing Conference, and Morton Kesten Summit, and the International Council on Active Aging Executive Leadership Summit.

He also continued his advocacy for new business practices, including pieces such as: “Churchill Wasn’t ‘Over the Hill’ in 1940,” Wall Street Journal, March 4, 2018; “Aging Megatrend Can Be Blessing for Business,” Los Angeles Business Journal, March 9, 2018; and “When No One Retires,” and “The Longevity Opportunity,” Harvard Business Review, November 7 and 8, 2018. (See below for links)


Churchill Wasn’t ‘Over the Hill’ in 1940

Aging Populations: A Blessing for Business

When No One Retires

The Longevity Opportunity


Nora Super

brought her 20+ years of health and long-term care policy experience to the Center for the Future of Aging to advance our national and global efforts to elevate healthy longevity, disease prevention, and wellness as public and private sector priorities. Many in our network know Nora from her leadership at AARP, Kaiser Permanente, n4A, and from her service as executive director of the 2015 White House Conference on Aging.

Longevity Innovators Interview Series

Published in collaboration with PBS Next Avenue and Forbes, this collection of interviews highlighted 18 visionaries who have advanced science and public health to increase longevity and enhance the quality of life for people around the world.

Healthy Longevity Panels

Global Conference - Want to Live to a Healthy 100?

Moderated by Paul Irving, the panel featured Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, Dan Buettner of Blue Zones, Laura Deming of the Longevity Fund, and Thrive Global’s Arianna Huffington.

Asia Summit - How To Live To An Active 100

Featuring Wilfred Blackburn of Prudential Singapore, Catherine Collinson of the Transamerica Institute and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, Jim Mellon of Burnbrae, and Ofer Tzadik of Tyto Care, with Paul Irving moderating.

Future of Health Summit - Reimagining Medicare for Longer Lives

The panel featured Efrem Castillo of United HealthCare, Nancy-Anne DeParle of Consonance Capital, Terry Fulmer of The John A. Hartford Foundation, and Darilyn Moyer of the American College of Physicians, and moderator, Joanne Kenen of POLITICO.

Future of Health Summit - Brain Health for Longevity: What Works? What Doesn't?

Moderated by Nora Super, the panel featured Alvaro Fernandez of, Sarah Lenz Lock of Global Council on Brain Health, David Perlmutter of the Washington University School of Medicine, Alfred Sandrock of Biogen, and Alzheimer’s Disease advocate, Brian Van Buren.

Future of Health Summit - Loneliness as a Risk Factor: Making Connections to Improve Health

The panel featured moderator, Lisa Marsh Ryerson of the AARP Foundation, Lynn Goldman of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, CareMore Health’s Sachin Jain, Jeremy Nobel of the UnLonely Project, and the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Anand Parekh.


Among several speaking engagements, Nora Super was featured at Columbia University’s Health and Aging Policy Fellow Symposium, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Initiative on Health and the Economy, the West Health Summit, the TIAA Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement Women’s Forum, the Alliance for Health Policy, the 2018 PGIM Senior Leaders Seminar, and the Connected Health Conference.

Her writing included the important piece, “When it Comes to Longevity, We Should Look to the East, not the West,” Quartz, December 12, 2018. Paul Irving wrote on health issues as well, including “The Epidemic of Loneliness and How to Combat it,” Wall Street Journal, April 18, 2018. (See below for links)


The Epidemic of Loneliness–and How to Combat It

When it Comes to Longevity, We Should Look to the East, not the West


Best Cities for Successful Aging Informs Age-Forward Communities

Our extensively referenced Best Cities for Successful Aging index continued to drive awareness and action, with media coverage and ongoing interaction with regional leaders and advocates seeking to prepare their communities for an older population.

Building upon the Milken Institute’s Best Cities work, and the World Health Organization and AARP Global age-friendly initiatives, the Center for the Future of Aging is launching Age-Forward 2030, a new program to harness opportunities at the intersection of aging, urbanization, resilience, and inclusive economic development. Led by the Center for the Future of Aging’s Caroline Servat, this new work aims to provide a next-stage roadmap for policymakers, business leaders, and urban innovators.

Age-Forward at the SXSW Cities Summit

Caroline Servat moderated the “Cities as Incubators for Successful Aging” panel at the inaugural South-by-Southwest Cities Summit in Austin, featuring futurist James Canton and Jacqueline Angel of the University of Texas.

Age-Forward Communities Panels

Global Conference - The Next Urban Revolution: Reimagining Cities for an Aging Population

Moderated by Nora Super, the panel featured James Anderson of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Julián Castro of the University of Texas, Austin, Intel’s Thomas Lantzsch, and Jaana Remes of the McKinsey Global Institute on stage.

Future of Health Summit - Smart Cities for Healthy Aging

The panel included moderator, Paul Irving, Liddy Manson of the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business AgingWell Hub, Intel’s David Ryan, Emily Shea of the Commission of Affairs of the Elderly in Boston, and Lauren Steingold of Uber Health at Uber.

How Cities and Older Adults can Improve Health Together

This piece, co-authored by Caroline Servat and featured on Get Old by Pfizer, answers the question: How can cities become active partners to support longer, healthier lives for all, and how can older adults play a role in the future of these healthy cities?


As we move forward on our ambitious agenda for 2019, all of us at the Center for the Future of Aging look forward to a year of progress. Thank you to our supporters, friends, and collaborators for working with us—and for all you do to improve lives.