Tapping Into Asia's Longevity Market
September 2016

The term "demographic dividend" has often been used to describe the growth potential of societies with young populations. But another demographic dividend, the longevity dividend, will open massive markets for future business growth, a potential long ignored by leaders in business, policy and other domains. A fast growing cohort of healthier, more active, more mobile and wealthier older adults can power a new economy, both as consumers and productive workers. Innovations in healthcare, technology, banking, consumer goods, and other products and services focused on this demographic can generate large returns for forward-looking businesses. Often seen as a social and financial burden, population aging presents a significant source of future growth, and it's time for companies to capitalize on the opportunities. This panel explored the exciting potential of the longevity economy for employers, entrepreneurs and wise investors.


  • Michael Hodin, CEO, Global Coalition on Aging; Managing Partner, High Lantern Group
  • Peter Nicholson, Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, NestlĂ© Skin Health
  • Angelique Chan, Executive Director, Centre Ageing Research and Education; Associate Professor, Signature Program in Health Services and Systems Research, Duke-NUS and the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
  • Anna Hughes, Managing Director and Lead Analytical Manager, Sovereign and International Public Finance Ratings, Asia-Pacific, S&P Global Ratings

Moderated By:

  • Paul Irving, Chairman, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging; Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California
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