Q4 — 2016 :
Chapter 01
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Purposeful Aging Summit
Center for the Future of Aging
August 16, 2016

In May 2016, the Milken Institute convened the Purposeful Aging Summit in Los Angeles, supported by John Templeton Foundation. An extraordinary gathering, the Summit included experts from the fields of health, business and policy who seek to change the public narrative about the roles and value of older adults and the benefits of purposeful aging for individuals and the broader society. The event focused on disseminating scientific findings and highlighting the upside of aging. Among many objectives, the development of an effective communications strategy to raise awareness was paramount. Research demonstrates an intersection between aging and purpose in life, with older people taking a concrete interest in passing on what they have learned for the benefit of peers, younger people and society. As the population ages rapidly across the United States and much of the world, there is an opportunity and an urgent need to change the narrative—and hearts and minds—regarding the culture of aging. 

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