Q2 — 2017 :
Chapter 02
Keys for Successful Aging, Creating Purpose, and New Findings on Longevity
Facts About Women’s Retirement Outlook and 8 Steps to Improve It

Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS) published its annual research study on women and retirement. For more than a decade TCRS has published research showing that women are at greater risk of not achieving a financially secure retirement compared to men. 

Findings from the TCRS 2016 national survey of working women include:

  • Only one in ten are “very confident” that they will be able to retire comfortably.
  • Women’s total household retirement savings is $34,000 (estimated median).
  • More than half are “guessing” at the amount they will need to save in order to feel secure in retirement.
  • Four out of five are concerned that Social Security will not be available to them when they are ready to retire.

The facts are startling and clear. Women must begin taking greater control and gain an understanding of their true retirement outlook. By confronting challenges head-on, women can acquire essential knowledge about how to achieve financial security and create plans that can help mitigate risks and steer them on a course for financial security and a more positive outlook for their retirement ambitions.

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