Q1 — 2017 :
Chapter 03
Best Cities, Lifelong Wellness, and Productive Retirement
Retirement Preparations in a New Age of Self-Employment

The objective of this report, Retirement Preparations in the New Age of Self-Employment, is to provide insights into the retirement prospects of the self-employed and how they compare to those of employed workers. This report provides a portrait of the self-employed, shares their vision of retirement, and outlines their approach to (or lack of) retirement saving, planning, and investing. It also reveals the vulnerabilities among the selfemployed and offers recommendations for helping improve their long-term financial security.

This report is a collaboration between the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement and the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. It presents findings from Aegon’s 5th Annual Retirement Readiness Survey (ARRS) and spotlights how the self-employed view and are preparing for retirement. The survey comprises 17,600 respondents, of whom 1,600 self-identify as being self-employed in 15 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The report also provides country-by-country comparisons of survey findings, key indicators, and examples of how self-employment is being supported through labor and employment practices and legislation.

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