Q4 — 2016 :
Chapter 01
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The Future of Aging
Paul Irving
April 28, 2016

To realize the value of increasing longevity, we must change hearts minds and attitudes.

Why a series of essays on the future of aging? Because the issues could not be more important, and attention is needed now. The global demographic shift, a product of increasing longevity and lower birthrates across much of the world, will, like climate change, affect humanity forever. At the Center for the Future of Aging, we’re proud to be associated with a group of extraordinary advisors—thought leaders—who are working in their own domains and in their own ways toward a stronger society and a better future for people of all ages. Their essays identify challenges and opportunities that must be urgently considered. Will the future of aging realize the breathtaking possibilities stemming from longer life, or heighten the risks and costs of an aging population?

Q4 — 2016 : Chapter 01 > The Future of Aging by Paul Irving