Q3 — 2017 :
Chapter 01
Impact of Longer Lives, Healthy Communities, and the Power of Youth Engagement
Aspen Ideas Festival: Being Latino In America Today
Henry Cisneros
August 03, 2017

During a panel discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival on June 29, 2017, Henry Cisneros, chairman of Cityview, an urban real estate investment firm and member of the Milken Institute’s Center for the Future of Aging advisory board, mentioned the impact of Latinos in American culture. He stated, "(People) understand our economic contribution, that mainstream economics idea. This country's future workforce, its health of its social security system, its entrepreneurial new business formations is all about the role Latinos are going to play." Cisneros urged society to change the negative narrative about Latinos in society since this demographic plays an important role across various sectors. 

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